A person who campaigns for protection of the environment.

One of the best ways to fight pollution is to ensure that the products we buy are produced with both ethics and the environment in mind. The more the people move on to environmentally friendly products less likely will be the environmental footprints.

The nature that once surrounded us, now eludes most but it's cries are yet to be heard. While many want to help, the problems are often so overwhelming that one does not know from where to start, or whom to approach .

Through Greenie, we wish to give individuals and corporate organizations an unique opportunity to make a difference by offering a wide range of high quality eco-friendly disposable areca leaf plates which no doubtly best suits for all parties, get togethers, picnics, weddings, buffets and so on. Areca leaf disposable plates are 100% natural and chemical free. No trees are ever harvested for processing. Areca plates are made from fallen leaves. They are versatile, stylish and equisitely remarkable alternate for other disposable plates which cause environmental footprints.

We are proud to be a part of the effort to keep our environment safe and green.

So join us in our efforts to make the world a better place to live.


We Greenie are located in Pulimedu, a village near Sripuram (famous for Golden Temple) in Vellore, South India.

We are basically into agriculture for decades. With the motive to produce and distribute eco-friendly products worldwide we started Greenie in 2015.

We started off with producing elegant and trendy areca leaf disposable plates in various shapes and sizes such as round, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, heart shape, partition plates, containers and we do customized shapes also.

We are also now into making trendy and light weight eco-friendly fashionable jewelleries, decorative items, wall hangings and more arriving soon. Please stay tuned, more... more... more... on the way.


At Greenie we strive to promote a sustainable alternate to other disposable plates to help reduce the carbon footprint. Our products are 100% free of chemicals, glues and toxic materials and are especially safe for children. Our goal is to create outstanding high quality, sturdy, non-toxic products that are biodegradable and comfortable that leaves no environmental footprints.

Our mission is to enable all of us become green and more socially responsible in order to keep our environment toxic free for future generations keeping our planet Earth alive.

The main thing we focus on is delivering high quality products in a timely manner and customers satisfaction is the greatest reward we earned.

We also design and produce the products in larger scale as per customer requirement upto their satisfaction by giving extremely good quality and finishing.